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Aquatic Farms, Ltd. (AFL) is a privately owned Hawaii Corporation specializing in fisheries and aquaculture development. The company was originally organized to build and operate a commercial freshwater prawn, marine shrimp, oyster and fish farm and hatchery on the island of Oahu. Aquatic Farms owned and successfully operated this multi-species facility for commercial production and aquaculture research. The success of the AFL farm and hatchery led to a number of requests for AFL's technical assistance in planning, designing and managing warm-water aquaculture projects in Hawaii, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Latin America and Africa. The company's consulting activities grew rapidly in the 1990's and into the new millennium and revenues from consulting services soon exceeded farm production and consulting became the predominant source of revenue. The Hawaii farm, still a functioning commercial facility and base of operations for Aquatic.


Marine and Freshwater Crustacean and Molluscan Aquaculture
(specializing in marine shrimp and freshwater prawn species)
Marine and Freshwater Finfish Aquaculture
(specializing in tilapia, carp and catfish species)
Specific Pathogen Free (SPF) Shrimp Broodstock Management
Aquaculture Health Management and Disease Control
Shrimp Hatchery Design and Management
Fish Hatchery Design and Management
Feasibility Analysis
Aquaculture Engineering
Site Selection
Facility Design
Technical Training Programs (for managers, technicians, extension workers and farmers)
Extension Services
Aquaculture Nutrition and Feeds
Commercial and Small-Scale Aquaculture Development


Marine and Inland Fisheries Management and Development
Marine and Inland Fishing Technology
Seafood Handling, Processing and Packaging
Marketing of Seafood Products
Extension Services

Coastal Resource Management

Oceanography and Marine Biology
Fisheries Biology
Natural Resource Management

Environmental Impact Assessment

Sustainable Fisheries and Aquaculture Systems Development
Water Quality Control and Monitoring
Environmental Impact Analysis of Fisheries and Aquaculture Systems

Financial Analysis

Sector Analysis
Aquaculture and Agriculture Economics
Fisheries Economics
Economic Feasibility and Financial Analysis

  • "If aquaculture is to play a major role in the food security of low income developing countries as a much needed and affordable source of high-quality animal protein, then it is essential that the farmed species be produced using low-cost sustainable farming methods."

    Dr. Albert G.J. Tacon, Aquatic Research Director, Aquatic Farms Ltd

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